Another great year at the Merritt Star Quest!

It was another great year at the MSQ! And while the weather was colder and wetter than we would have liked, the company of old & new astronomy friends kept us warm and entertained between the nights that we could observe. The final Sunday impromptu Christian group sing-along with guitar, banjo and harp were sweet icing on the cake! Thanks to the assistance of Paul Greenhalgh, our club President, who walked me through my first attempts at astrophotography with my new camera, I was able to take my very first picture! The stalwarts who hung in through the cloudy weather were rewarded with one final glorious clear night.


Looking forward to clear skies and next years MSQ!


Pictures from previous years at the MSQ

sandhill cranes

Sandhill Cranes



Lenticular Clouds at sunset.

oousp2014a c06 c05 c03 c02 c01 c02


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