Vaseaux Lake Birding Observatory

It was a fantastic week volunteering for my first time at the VLBO, where I began learning how to assist the Bander In Charge (BIC), Doug Brown, at the Vaseaux Lake Migratory Bird Monitoring Station. Doug is one of the top birders in BC, who possesses an extraordinary wealth of experience & self taught knowledge … Continue reading Vaseaux Lake Birding Observatory

As luck would have it!

For the second consecutive summer, I have stumbled across a Northern Alligator Lizard. Both were discovered in the southernmost end of the province. Both were found in mountainous terrain perhaps 5-800 feet below the tree-line. Using Audubon's Reptiles & Amphibians App, I discovered it is the only lizard that can be found living up to … Continue reading As luck would have it!

Wildflowers, Butterflies & Various Flora

I had the most difficult time grouping my wildflower & butterfly photos, because a butterfly most often poses for only the briefest moment on a flower in bloom. So here they are, all grouped together in one place, perhaps in the way nature has always intended it. Here are a few more photos from the … Continue reading Wildflowers, Butterflies & Various Flora

Another great year at the Merritt Star Quest!

It was another great year at the MSQ! And while the weather was colder and wetter than we would have liked, the company of old & new astronomy friends kept us warm and entertained between the nights that we could observe. The final Sunday impromptu Christian group sing-along with guitar, banjo and harp were sweet … Continue reading Another great year at the Merritt Star Quest!